Integrating environment, energy and equity

A three-pronged approach to unleash your building’s full potential


By partnering with us to create a jointly owned, in-building energy utility, your building energy systems shift from being a cost to being a significant revenue generator


Our energy systems reduce GHG emissions by 70% to 80%, accelerating progress on community climate goals and increasing building occupant demand


Our in-building utility model allows you to retain the equity in your energy system instead of selling it off with your building. This can then be use to produce a generous stream of long term cash flows


What's Energy to Us?

Latest thoughts and insights in our thought-log, Energy Matters.

Our energetic team

We each have decades of experience working at the leading edge of high performance building energy design, construction, operation and financing

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David Van Seters


The energy financing specialist. David draws on his long career as a sustainable business entrepreneur and consultant to constantly “re-work the numbers” to achieve the greatest financial return for the lowest carbon impact.

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Helen Goodland

Director Building Performance Solutions

The building performance specialist. As an architect and renowned building technology expert, Helen knows where to look to find the most innovative solutions to cost-effectively maximize building energy performance.

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Nick Farina

Director, Business Development

The energy utility expert. Having conducted energy retrofits in hundreds of buildings and assessed hundreds more, Nick knows first hand what it takes to design and implement low carbon energy systems.

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