Introducing, eStream Energy Partners!

Introducing, eStream Energy Partners!

Introducing the most recent and relevant new concept to enter the property development market. We are eStream Energy Partners, a building energy technology and financing company. We work hand-in-hand with developers to co-create and co-own integrated building energy systems that generate robust and sustained revenues.

We begin by answering the simplest question: are you, as a developer, getting the most out of your building? Today’s common practice of building fast and selling faster is actually leaving potentially millions of dollars on the table. We are here to tell you there is substantial opportunity and we are your key to harnessing it.

How? We want to turn your building’s energy system that would otherwise be sold, into a money-generating utility. If you continue to own rather than sell, our state-of-the-art, patented energy reconfiguration system leads to savings, long-term cash flow, recovered investment costs, and 70-80% reduction in carbon emissions. The kicker? Our system costs the same if not less to build.

If we’ve managed to peak your interest, please explore our website and get to know us! Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.

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