The Opportunity

We are the link between energy performance and financial performance


We partner with developers, municipalities or building owners to create in-building energy assets that generate no-cost financial returns while dramatically reducing GHG emissions


We partner with developers to guide the design of new buildings so that they:

  • Emit 70-80% lower GHG emissions
  • Cost the same or less to build
  • Have a much lower risk of cost over-runs
  • Enable the creation of stand-alone building energy assets, and
  • Generate new streams of financial returns


We partner with governments to establish an energy revenue sharing program that:

  • Creates a “district energy system” without the infrastructure
  • Accelerates progress on your building-related climate goals
  • Directly addresses the challenge of retrofitting existing buildings, and
  • Provides a utility-grade return on investment, with virtually no upfront cost


We partner with building owners to create an in-building utility that:

  • Reduces your building energy and water costs
  • Creates more reliable building performance
  • Has lower long term energy system repair and maintenance costs
  • Allows you to market the building as green, and
  • Generates better rental income